There are multiple life hacks that can help you to keep your daily commute neat and organized. UAE has strict laws when it comes to roads and cars. You need to get the approval for car every year to make it run on the roads. For that reason we have brought some handy ideas that can help you to keep your car and car sunshades in Dubai by ShelterTent organized and clean. 

1. Office Supplies

The life hacks that can arise from basic office supplies are pretty awesome. In fact, this must have a couple of different tips combined into one.

Pencil Bag Hanging Organizers

Use pencil bags to keep this point between the seats and the center console neat and organized. Get yourself some binder clips and an elastic band to create your own DIY organizer. Simply connect the elastic band to the loops on the handles of the binder clip and stretch the elastic band so that it goes around the entire center console. Then use the binder clips to attach the pencil bag to create your own hanging storage compartment.

Cell phone holder

If you have an older car that doesn’t have enough room for a cell phone holder, or if you just don’t feel like buying a cell phone holder, you can make one yourself with office supplies and vents. Using your fingers or a pipe cleaner or hanger if your fingers are too big, run a rubber band through the top slot in your air vent and pull the end out of the bottom slot on your air vent. Make sure you are using a rubber band that is small and thick enough for a sturdy holder. Then you can slide your phone into the loops so that it rests securely against the air vents. This MacGyver-style life hack creates a mount for your device where you can easily use voice dialing features or safely view GPS navigation.

2. Tape

If you have an older car without a cup holder, don’t be afraid! The roll of duct tape that you have in the trunk is a perfect replacement. Just place it on your passenger seat or on the floor in front of the passenger seat and you’re good to go.

However, be careful if you have leather seats as the tape is more likely to slip. Try hacking this life into fabric surfaces to prevent it from moving and spilling when you hit a quick stop or a downhill slope.

3. Construction paper and clothing clips

Try this low cost life hack to add flavor to your car instead of buying expensive car air fresheners. By using inexpensive clothes hanger clips, you can create some unique scented clips that attach directly to your air vents. First, soak some construction paper in the scent of your choice. Next, glue the paper onto the clip. Once the glue has dried, attach it to your air vent and enjoy the fresh new scent! The scent lasts for about a week, so you’ll either need to attach a new clip or soak the paper again. You can even create different ones for different seasons.